About Primary Care Associates of Appleton

Primary Care Associates of Appleton is an independently-owned primary care medical clinic in Appleton, Wisconsin, that provides comprehensive medical care to people of all ages.  Our team of 26 providers care for all members of your family, treating illness and injury, promoting disease prevention and managing your most complex medical conditions. Primary Care Associates of Appleton strives to be your family’s primary medical partner, working with you to achieve optimal health.

Why Choose Primary Care Associates of Appleton?

Our independent status offers a unique level of care and harvests personal, meaningful relationships that are difficult to obtain in larger healthcare systems.  Yet our partnerships with the larger local healthcare systems allows us to take advantage of many useful resources, tools and specialists to ensure the best possible care for you and your family. At Primary Care Associates of Appleton, you get the best of both worlds!

When medical issues arise that are best handled in an inpatient or emergent setting, we are able to admit patients to any of the three local hospitals-Appleton Medical Center, Theda Clark Medical Center, or St. Elizabeth Hospital. We utilize the same electronic medical records system which is connected to our large healthcare systems, allowing for efficient and timely communication with the various specialists, the hospitals, etc. Primary Care Associates of Appleton also offers MyChart access for our patients, a web-based portal that allows you to view your medical information online; lab results, medication list, immunization records available to you 24/7. We house a full service laboratory, as well as a vast array of medical imaging services; x-ray, digital mammography, CT, ultrasound, treadmill stress testing, holter monitor heart testing and more all conveniently available to you under one roof. Radiologists are on site and available to interpret your tests and consult with your physician in a timely manner to get you the answers you need…quickly.

Primary Care Associates of Appleton takes pride in our commitment to having a live person answer your phone call, not an automated system, and are proud that our receptionists can welcome our guests by name as they walk into our building. Also, we do not have a nurse triage “pool” for medical questions; when you call in asking to speak to a nurse, you will talk with YOUR doctor’s triage nurse, creating a relationship of trust and understanding. Primary Care Associates of Appleton is truly a place where you know your healthcare team, and they know you.

Primary Care Associates by the numbers

14 years since clinic inception

146 total employees + providers